Breastlift (Mastopexy)


Women who have sagging breasts due to any cause are candidates for mastopexy in which the breasts, along with the nipple-areola complex are lifted up to provide a more youthful appearance and better definition of cleavage. Depending on the volume of the breasts in the preoperative period, patients might be in need of an implant along with mastopexy (augmentation with mastopexy) if they have empty breasts for best results and you should discuss this with your surgeon. A variety of incisions and techniques are employed for mastopexy and you are advised to discuss this regarding the technique that might be best applicable to your case. The technique employed by Dr. Adhikari usually produces a single linear scar over the undersurface of the breast which fades away with time.

This operation is performed under general anesthesia which means that you would be put to sleep during the procedure. Depending on your recovery, you might be discharged on the same day of the surgery. If you are likely to get pregnant in future, your surgeon would take extra caution so that you would be able to breastfeed in future.

Complications of surgery are akin to those of reduction and augmentation mammoplasty and include hypertrophic scarring, seroma, infection and recurrence of sagging after some years apart from others.

The cost of mastopexy surgery in Kolkata varies widely. Dr. Adhikari provides his services at extremely reasonable rates so that his services can be afforded by all.