Why do results of Hair Transplants vary amongst surgeons? This vital question arises after looking different results of surgery from different surgeons. Here Dr. Adhikari tries to answer the puzzle. Hair transplantation is one of the most cherished surgeries in today’s world where the number of bald people are increasing day by day. Naturally, the number of hair transplants is steadily increasing so also the number of surgeons performing the procedure. This is an intricate cosmetic surgery and there are several reasons why the results are so variable amongst surgeons worldwide. Let us delve into the reasons.

First of all, training matters. Hair transplantation is best performed by cosmetic surgeons who have a sense of artistry they have nurtured during their years of plastic surgical and aesthetic training. Nowadays, one would find dermatologists, otorhinolaryngologists, general practitioners, general surgeons and even homeopaths all practicing hair transplants. Please note that many of them are untrained and just practice this for the sake of earning money, therefore, the results would never be good.


Secondly, attention to careful technique is important. A hair transplant surgeon must know which area requires how much follicles to produce best result. The whole idea of hair restoration is to create an optical illusion as loss of thousands of hair follicles at one place is being replaced by only a few hundred. Therefore, it is the artistic sense of the surgeon that matters. If one deviates from this, then the result would be subnormal.

Thirdly, creation of slits and follicle handling are essential aspects. Slits should be carefully placed so that each hair follicle gets the necessary nutrition to survive at the same time each follicle should be handled carefully so that damage is not ensued during the hair implant process.

Fourthly, there are many other aspects of hair transplantation that comes from appropriate training. Trichophyticclosure in FUT, direction of follicles in respective areas, placing the follicles in an irregular fashion is all important aspects to get a nice aesthetic final appearance.

Finally, never compromise on the number of follicles required just because the patient is not able to afford it! In such cases, advice the patient to save the money for a future transplant. It is never too good to produce a subnormal result because the patient would then blame the surgeon all his life!

Dr. Souvik Adhikari is an accomplished surgeon and has performed numerous hair transplants with excellent results. At the initial consultation, he would inform you about the number of follicles required and the expected number of sessions. He NEVER compromises on follicle number so as to jeopardize his results. He performs the whole procedure along with his assistants unlike other hair transplant surgeons who leave the procedure to their assistants. For more details regarding the hair transplant procedure please visit his websites:


Overseas patients are particularly suited for hair transplantation because the procedure is extremely cheap here and the patients need to stay in the city only for 1-2 days.

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