I get a lot of queries from patients worldwide whether gynecomastia is completely curable by surgery or not. Many of these patients cite internet sources stating that other patients have developed a recurrence of their male boobs even after successful surgery. This article is especially tailored for them and I would like to assure all readers that gynecomastia is fully curable by surgery.

To begin with, gynecomastia or male boobs causes severe embarrassment to the person having them. They are unable to take off their shirts in public and are often objects of ridicule in classrooms and gyms. This severely affects their self-confidence so that many of them restrict themselves from even going out. All of my patients have mentioned that surgery for their male boobs gives them tremendous confidence and self-esteem. This is one facet of gynecomastia surgery which should be emphasized to people having this problem.

Gynecomastia can have varying degrees of breast tissue starting from puffy nipples to small breasts to huge breasts resembling fully developed adult female breasts. Surgery can be accomplished in a variety of ways. In most cases barring the huge breasts, the incisions are strategically placed in the nipple-areolar complex so that the scars that follow are hidden in the pigmented area. For huge breasts, a scar in the inferior part of the chest cannot be avoided in most cases.

In most cases, I perform the surgery completely under local anesthesia with no complications whatsoever. My patients talk with me about a variety of issues during the surgery which also helps to allay tension during surgery. I never use sedation during surgery. In fact, I have operated even moderately huge breasts with this procedure with total patient compliance. Therefore, general anesthesia can be avoided in most cases of gynecomastia surgery and patients can walk back home immediately after surgery.

One needs to understand that gynecomastia is actually a combination of breast tissue (identical to females) and fat. Therefore, if a liposuction is performed, it will target the fat and the breast tissue remains. Liposuction is usually performed for large breasts with predominant fatty content which is clearly apparent on a clinical examination. This is the initial part of the procedure and DSCN1615takes away the fat. Following this, in every case, I make it a point to excise the breast disk lying just below the nipple-areolar complex extending up to the pectoralis fascia. Once I excise this, I can be pretty sure that the breast tissue can never come back, thus gynecomastia is cured for life! However, if patients gain extra weight then there can be an accumulation of fat in the area, a condition known as “pseudogynecomastia”.

When the surgery is performed in this way, I tell my patients that they are going to encounter a depression as the nipple-areolar complex sinks into the pectoralis major muscle. However, with time, the chest contours back to an acceptable shape which might take a few months however. Patients are usually extremely satisfied by this form of surgery. Therefore, be rest assured that you can have a permanent solution to your gynecomastia with current surgical techniques.

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  1. Deeptesh mallick

    Sir i want to know the cost of the process as i am having puffy nipples not like above mentioned pictures.

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