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Hair loss is usually genetically determined with an elevated response to the hormones produced within the body. Hair fall might occur at any age in individuals predisposed to it and can be really uncomfortable for the person because hair loss portends premature aging. There are several claims of success on different hair loss treatments. Except very few most of the treatments are not cent percent successful. Below is a short analysis of hair loss treatments those are famous worldwide. Know  what hair loss treatment gives better result.

To understand the problem of hair loss, one needs to understand how this occurs. Enzymes are present in the human body which forms a product known as DHT from testosterone, another hormone, which causes the hair to shrink with every growth cycle. This is most prominent with scalp hair. The hair thus becomes thin and is ultimately shed off causing baldness.

Apart from this genetic cause, vitamin deficiencies and thyroid problems can cause rapid hair fall. Therefore, the first aim should be to correct these disorders. In the absence of any of these problems, hair fall treatment can go as directed below.

A healthy diet with lots of protein is required to prevent hair fall as protein stimulates hair growth and gives strength to the hair. Nuts, seeds, eggs and fish which are important sources of omega-3 fatty acids which produce a healthier scalp should be adequate in any dietary plan. Iron, zinc and biotin should be adequate in the diet as a deficiency of either one of these can cause hair loss. Also, stress needs to be curtailed.

Most of the creams and other products advertised to control hair loss do not work! Minoxidil is an agent that, when applied on the scalp, increases the local blood flow to the hair follicles. This has been shown to increase the nutrient supply to the hair follicles resulting in the formation of robust hair and reversal of hair fall. Finasteride is another agent which inhibits the enzyme that leads to the formation of DHT and therefore prevents premature hair fall. With continued use, however, sexual problems might occur that might lead to a discontinuation of the medication.

There has been a lot of publicity on “mesotherapy” to regain hair and as a “cure” for baldness. However, does this treatment modality really work? It is DOUBTFUL to say the least! FDA in the USA as also Singapore has labeled mesotherapy for hair loss as a procedure that is neither well-established nor acceptable. Rather, it has been found that it can lead to alopecia in the zone of treatment, fibrosis in the scalp and multiple abscess formation all of which might jeopardize later management programs.

One of the best established procedures to counter hair loss is hair transplantation. If you observe a bald person closely, you will find that the zone of hair at the back of the scalp does not fall even with progression of the baldness. This is a zone of resistant hair which is used for hair transplantation. Typically, a strip of hair is taken from the area, the follicles isolated by microdissection and transplanted to the bald area individually. Although the density is considerably less than normal, it usually produces good and lifelong hair growth.

At Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata, we do not perform mesotherapy like hair loss treatments and are exclusively perform hair transplantation. Your needs are determined and suggestions would be made regarding a single or multiple staged procedure depending on your requirements and finances. This is performed under local anesthesia and you would be released on the same day of the procedure. Complete hair growth after transplantation takes around a year to be completely manifest.

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