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In today’s world loss of hair is considered unaesthetic and is synonymous with aging. Especially in India where there are a large number of arranged marriages, bald people are looked down upon when it comes to marriage. This situation is even more cumbersome when hair loss affects women. Fortunately there is a lasting solution to this problem of baldness or hair loss: hair transplantation. Hair transplant is a technique used for coverage of areas subjected to hair loss which can occur from the scalp, beard, moustache and eyebrows in both men and women. Additionally, people who desire a lower frontal hairline are also candidates for this procedure. Hair transplant in Kolkata is nowdays has become quite affordable to genral people.  Presently, there are 2 techniques by which hair transplantation is carried out: FUT and FUE.

In FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), a strip of hair from the back of the scalp is taken keeping adequate hair both above and below the strip so that the scar which forms is covered by growth of the adjacent hair. This strip which is taken comprises of genetically resistant hair so that transfer of hair from this area usually leads to permanent solution of baldness because of the phenomenon of donor dominance. Microdissection is done from the strip to isolate individual follicles each of which harbor 1-5 hairs. The follicles are then individually transferred to the areas of permanent hair loss. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia with sedation (optional) so that the patient is fully awake during the procedure and can have food, watch television and so on. Both males and females can be treated by this technique. The transplanted hair initially falls off and then regrows back to attain its final form at around 6-9 months so it is important that patients need to wait for around a year before they can evaluate the final results. This is not an immediate solution to baldness! However, the result is usually permanent and the hair that grows can be shampooed and cut just like normal hair. At present, FUT is the most common technique performed by hair restoration surgeons worldwide.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the second technique which is much more labor intensive and takes much longer time to perform. FUE is performed with the help of a motor in which individual follicles are extracted out from the scalp and sometimes from the body so that there is no linear scar as is seen with FUT. This technique is however much more expensive than FUT and takes much longer time so that the whole transplant procedure might need to be completed in 2 days rather than one which can be quite uncomfortable to the patient because they have to be subjected twice to the local anesthesia and injections thereof.

When areas of hair loss in other parts of the body are addressed, the surgery is pretty much individualized and based on the requirement of the patient; strip grafts, FUT or FUE might be contemplated.
In the postoperative phase, patients need to take extra care on the transplanted hairs because it is only during this phase that the hairs are permanently accepted into their normal position by the body. Any injury to the transplanted hairs during this phase would lead to a poor outcome. The transplanted hairs once accepted can then be shampooed. They then enter into a phase of telogen and fall off although the follicles remain behind from which new hairs then grow back. The patient needs to apply medications which encourage growth of hairs during this stage like Minoxidil (which can cause a fall in blood pressure). Hair growth continues so that the final results would not be evident until about a year after the procedure.
Complications of this hair transplantation are quite infrequent and include anaphylaxis or allergic reactions to the local anesthetic, formation of cysts and papules following the procedure, infection in the region of transplanted hairs, scar tenderness,unsatisfactory final result and others.

The cost of hair transplant in Kolkata varies widely and usually ranges from Rs. 40 – Rs. 70/follicle. Rates are higher for FUE. Dr. Adhikari provides his services at a very cheap and reasonable rate with wonderful results. His hair transplantation service in Kolkata is gaining rapid popularity because of the advantages he offers compared to other hair restoration surgeons in the city. You can get in touch with him for further information regarding the cost of hair transplant after a full analysis of your condition.
Please note that the number of follicles Dr. Adhikari suggests is for an optimum result. If you are not able to afford the specified number of follicles then a suboptimal result would appear.

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