Health Tourism


Are you looking for a vacation in a country of mountains, beaches, rivers and jungles? Then look no further, India is the right place for you. This is a country where you can get very close to nature be it the Himalayas or the sea beaches in Goa. The country is also not too expensive and would suit most people’s budgets.


If you are spending a holiday here you might as well come down to Kolkata and get a cosmetic surgery done by Dr. Souvik Adhikari. This form of health tourism in Kolkata is advantageous because you can then go back home with an entirely new look and improved self-confidence. At the same time, you can also get operated by a very talented cosmetic surgeon Dr. Adhikari. The price of cosmetic surgery in Kolkata is a major thing because Kolkata is an inexpensive city and therefore the cost of cosmetic surgery here is 10-20% of that in Western countries with absolutely no compromise in quality making it one of the leading and upcoming centers of health tourism! What’s more, barring a few surgeries, the recovery time of cosmetic surgeries by and large is very short so that there would be minimal interruption in your holiday enjoyment.


Dr. Adhikari has operated on patients all around the world as part of health tourism. Common procedures asked by patients include hair transplantation, liposuction, aesthetic breast surgeries and genital surgeries amongst others.

Therefore, come and embrace the beauty of India and simultaneously get a new look at Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata! Contact us today regarding health tourism for more details.


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