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Cosmetic Surgery Facts: Read Before Decide

Cosmetic Surgery: The Real Facts

From time immemorial mankind has been biased towards beauty and the search for the perfect beauty continues. Obsession with beauty has led to a multi-million dollar business in the beauty product industry worldwide. Cosmetic surgery is therefore no exception with the demand for cosmetic surgery rising on and on throughout the world. However, one needs to be cautious while subjecting oneself to this kind of surgery: every girl cannot be Ms. Universe and every guy cannot have the looks of a macho model even with the best cosmetic surgery. As is shown in films where the face of a person can be easily changed with the help of cosmetic surgery, this is impossible to achieve with present day cosmetic surgery. Therefore, realistic expectations are needed both on the part of the surgeon and patients.

Cosmetic Surgery: Who are Candidates and who are not!

People who have unrealistic expectations are not candidates for cosmetic surgery. However rude it might seem, it is best to refuse these patients as no cosmetic surgeon in the world can satisfy these patients so also mentally instable patients. Patients who would like to go in for cosmetic surgeries to satisfy someone else should also be handled with care. The best class of patients is those who have imperfections and have some deficit in self-confidence because of the same and are realistic regarding the outcomes of surgery. People should understand that cosmetic surgery does not cause miracles, it can only improve the appearance of a person to some extent. It is also important to realize that the outcomes of surgery might not be as expected in each and every patient as some patients can have complications which might affect the final outcome of surgery. Therefore, this is an area where both the patient and the surgeon have to take calculated risks which pay off ultimately in most cases giving the patients a newer look and improved self-confidence!

How to select a Cosmetic Surgeon

Nowadays there are lots of advertisements from surgeons regarding the services they provide in the internet and cosmetic surgery is no exception. Therefore, people need to do some research before they can actually commit themselves to a particular surgeon.

Firstly, the credentials of the surgeon are most important. Many cosmetic surgeries are performed by healthcare professionals who do not have appropriate training in the subject. An ideal cosmetic surgeon in India should have training in general surgery followed by a postdoctoral degree in plastic surgery which can be complemented with some fellowship training. Therefore, do not forget to check the credentials of your surgeon.

Secondly, one has to consider the cost of surgery. Cosmetic surgery can be expensive therefore it is desirable to look for a clinic run by surgeons who offer the procedure at a reasonable and cheap cost while being appropriately qualified themselves. This is to ensure that people with limited budget can also go for appropriate cosmetic procedures.

Thirdly, one has to ensure that the surgeon advertising his services actually performs the surgery himself! This is especially true in Kolkata where many surgeons leave the procedure to their subordinates leading to a less than desirable result in many cases.

Cosmetic Surgery & Patient Satisfaction

All over the world, cosmetic surgeons advertise their services claiming excellent patient satisfaction. However, is that a universal phenomenon? The answer is a big NO!! However shocking it might seem, many patients are not at all satisfied with the results of their surgery. Just as any other surgery, this branch of surgery also has its own complications which might not be preventable in many cases. Since cosmetic surgery is elective and is performed on “normal” people, the effects of complications might be drastic on the patient itself.

In our practice, we do not claim universal patient satisfaction. However, we can say with certainty that more than 90% of our patients have been satisfied with our services. A few patients have had complications and dissatisfactions but it must be remembered that the cosmetic surgeon can never ever be able to satisfy everyone.

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