Penis Enlargement/Penis Length Surgery


This primarily comprises of penile lengthening/penis enlargement as well as an increase in girth of the penis apart from solving other deformities of the penis. Please note that you would be subjected to a complete physical and psychological evaluation prior to surgery. A couple of measurements of your penis would be taken along with a set of preoperative photographs. You must give an undertaking that you would be using a penile stretcher in the postoperative period for a specified period because that is imperative for getting best results. If you exclude the penile stretching then you would get no beneficial effects.

The surgery would be performed under regional anesthesia and the duration would vary depending on the procedures performed. You would need to have drains in places for a few days following the procedure. The recovery period is usually short and you would then need to follow the postoperative instructions strictly.

Depending on your requirements, you might require a release of the ligaments supporting your penis so as to release more of the penis, fat injections or insertions of portions of your skin inside the penis (dermo-fat grafts) or associated liposuction of your pubic and lower abdominal area. Penoscrotal webs which hide the exposed part of the penis would also be eliminated during this procedure. You might also require a reconstruction of your scrotum in addition if you feel it is too lengthy and unsightly (Scrotoplasty). Again, surgery is individualized for a patient and no standard set can be followed in all patients.

Complications associated with the procedure include no increase in length (if a stretcher is not used), globules as a result of fat injections, deformities associated with fat injections and unstable penis if too much of the ligament is cut. To reduce the possibility of deformities associated with fat injections, Dr. Adhikari advocates the use of AllodermTM or dermal grafts inserted via a circumferential incision to increase penis girth.

Dr. Adhikari performs penile enlargement in Kolkata under local or regional anesthesia at very competitive rates. Call him up today to get the desired length of your penis! However, it must be remembered that if you have a small penis you cannot get a huge one, only a moderate increase in length can be achieved!


Penile Implants

In some patients, apart from a small penis, there are problems with erection. In these patients, a length gain can be achieved coupled with erection with the use of a penile implant. There are basically 2 types of penile implants: the Shah penile implant in which the penis becomes permanently erect and the inflatable implants in which the erection can be achieved at will using saline injections. The latter is the best although being extremely expensive.