Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure employed for modifying the nose. The nose occupies the central part of the face and a defect in the nose can be very unsightly and disrupt an otherwise harmonious face. Rhinoplasty is employed to correct disorders of the nose which are congenital (from birth), arising out of trauma and also in patients with cleft lip deformities who have an associated nasal deformity. Rhinoplasty is most commonly of 2 types: augmentation rhinoplasty, where the features of the nose are augmented and reduction rhinoplasty, where an otherwise large nose is trimmed to match the face.

For augmentation rhinoplasty, additional materials are required to make the nasal features more prominent. Most commonly, patient’s own tissues are used which can be in the form of rib cartilage or bone. These have very small donor site morbidity and produce the best long-term results. Artificial materials like silicone prosthesis are also used depending on the choice of the patient and for those who want to avoid a long scar in the chest.

In rhinoplasty, a broad nasal base is corrected by alar resections and the performance of osteotomies. The tip or the most projecting part of the nose is modified by a method of tip-plasty where the tip is made more prominent by addition of cartilage and several sutures. The nasal dorsum is modified by addition of cartilage or by rasping as the case might be. Additionally, functional issues like nasal obstruction can also be addressed by rhinoplasty.

Dr. Adhikari prefers open rhinoplasty where an incision is made over the columella or the under surface of the nose which is well hidden. This gives the best anatomic exposure and provides the best results in the long term.

The surgical procedure is different following trauma and cancer resections. In these situations, the whole nose is reconstructed in an elegant way.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and depending on the extent of nasal dissection and performance of osteotomies the patient is discharged in 1-3 days. Some degree of facial swelling persists after rhinoplasty usually when osteotomies are made but usually subside completely.

The cost of rhinoplasty in Kolkata varies a lot. Dr. Adhikari provides his services at a very reasonable rate with wonderful results. You can get in touch with him for further information regarding the cost of rhinoplasty after assessment of your deformities.

Rhinoplasty: Preoperative
Rhinoplasty: Postoperative using silicone nasal implant