Transgender Surgeries

Transgender surgeries are performed to accomplish a change of sex. Please note that patients must play the role of opposite sex for a year prior to the procedures to determine if they are suited to the role of the opposite sex otherwise the results can be disastrous! There are legal implications associated with this form of surgery and repeated consultations with an endocrinologist, plastic surgeon, psychiatrist and psychologist with appropriate counseling is imperative before the patients can be subjected to surgery as one cannot get back one’s original sex after a change has been made.

Sex Change: Male to Female

Male to female transgender surgeries comprise of the insertion of silicone prosthesis for creation of voluptuous breasts, removal of testis on either side and creation of a vagina with a reduction penoplasty to create a clitoris. Along with this, laser therapy is advocated to eliminate facial hair and hormonal supplementation is the rule. Also, a thyroplasty might be indicated so as to achieve a change in the voice.

All these surgeries are offered at a very competitive package by Dr. Adhikari in Kolkata therefore you can have an initial discussion with him regarding this.

transgender surgery
Feminizing Genitoplasty: preoperative, note prominent penis
sex reassignment surgery
Feminizing Genitoplasty: postoperative, with reduction penoplasty and vaginal creation using flaps

Sex Change: Female to Male


This comprises of elimination of the breasts and creation of a penis from the existing clitoris (metoidioplasty). The vaginal canal is also eliminated and the uterus and ovaries are removed. Hormonal supplementation in the postoperative period is the rule. Dr. Adhikari offers these surgeries in association with a gynecologist at very competitive rates in Kolkata.